Mobile Device Consent

I hereby grant to 4theONE Foundation, its agents, successors and assigns, the right, permission, and consent to locate, search, access, or otherwise control, by any means, the mobile device used by 

I declare I am the parent or guardian of , who is a minor and under the age of seventeen. The mobile device is under my legal authority and has been provided to them solely by my permission. I have the right to control the use and activity of the device and may revoke the usage of the device at any time.

I hereby release and discharge 4theONE Foundation, its successors, assigns and agents from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the locating, searching, accessing, or otherwise controlling the mobile device including any loss of data or functionality, voiding of warranty, or physical damage.


Is the device a phone or table (choose one). 


Is the device connected to a cellular carrier (such as Verizon, AT&T, etc)? 

If yes, what cellular carrier?


What model is the device (example, iPhone 6, Galaxy 8plus, ZTE, etc) – the more specific you can be with this information the better.   


Child’s Name:

Child’s Age:

Printed Name of Parent or Guardian:

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