What can I do?!

This question is what is most commonly asked when people find out about sex trafficking occurring in their towns. While there is a great need for professionals in specialized fields to be trained to identify, report and care for those victimized (medical personnel, salon staff, law enforcement, first responders, etc), they are not the only ones who can report potential victims.

What can you do?

Educate: Understanding the who, what, why, when & how…
While there is no specific bias in a predator choosing its prey, children (most commonly as young as 13 y/o) are the most vulnerable, especially those coming from a tumultuous home life. A child hungry for love, a family, or even a decent meal is an easy target and once they feel safe…they are caught. The predators are pimps. S/he may come into a child’s life as a romeo to pursue and woo, manipulating the child’s mind for total control.

Spread Awareness
Read about it – use readings in book clubs, search out films/books/blogs.
Write about it – write a blog, post on social media, contribute to your local newspaper.
Talk about it – Share with your family, neighbors & colleagues.

Get Involved 
There are organizations in your local area, like 4theONE, who are committed to putting a stop to trafficking. You can get involved and use your skills, gifts and talents in making a difference.
Pray. Volunteer. Shop. Donate. Tutor. Fundraise. Mentor. (and more…)

About 4theONE

4theONE is a team of volunteers composed of licensed private investigators and other professionals armed with experience in various areas such as law enforcement, social services, counseling, etc. We volunteer our services, at no cost to families, as we work to locate missing & exploited teens and if needed, connect them and their families with follow-up services.

Missing and Runaway TipLine

Contact Us for Help

If you are the family of a missing teen or runaway and would like our assistance, please contact us at (972) 351-8777 or email missing@4theone.org.

If you have information about a missing teen, runaway or exploited teens, please call our TipLine at (888) 512-1052. The TipLine is available 24/7.