Inspired. Orchestrated.

4theONE has been divinely orchestrated from the beginning. Each volunteer seems to have been specifically chosen and connected to the group in one way or another. A professional connection here, a connection through a different organization for a couple others, a college intern, a partnership with a similar organization has brought another couple volunteers into the nucleus of the group. We seek His will and give all Glory to the One. We take on missing teen cases the whole group agrees upon and work them together.

Would he not leave the ninety-nine to find the ONE?

Matthew 18:12

Children who go missing are vulnerable to predators as 1 in 3 are approached by a trafficker within 48 hours of being on the street. Social Media is a resource for these predators to hunt their prey and we arm ourselves with knowledge as well as our own personal/professional resources to search out and rescue the missing & exploited.

No Cost for Services

4theONE is a team of volunteers composed of licensed private investigators and other professionals armed with experience in various areas such as law enforcement, social services, counseling, etc. We volunteer our services, at no cost to families, as we work to locate missing & exploited teens and if needed, connect them and their families with follow-up services.

Missing and Runaway TipLine

If you have information about a missing teen, runaway or exploited teens, please call our TipLine at (888) 512-1052. The TipLine is available 24/7.

Contact Us for Help

If you are the family of a missing teen or runaway and would like our assistance, please contact us at (972) 351-8777 or email