4theONE Foundation… Dedicated to Finding Each ONE

Missing, Exploited and Sex Trafficked Minors

When a child goes missing, fear and helplessness can set in quickly. The first step for a parent is to contact law enforcement. For additional help, parents or guardians can reach out to 4theONE Foundation at our Tipline (888)-512-1052.

When a minor disappears, they can find themselves in un-expected, desperate and scary situations. That is when they can easily become prey to those who only want to use them for their own purpose, including being sold for sex.

4theONE is a non-profit Foundation with a mission, and volunteers, including private investigators, with a passion to find these kids before they find themselves in this situation. If it becomes a sex trafficking situation, we are still in the game until that child is located and rescued. We are not a vigilante group, but work closely with law enforcement.

And the best part, 4theONE offers this service free of charge. When contacted we will assess the situation, confirm it has been reported to the local police, get signed parental permission and obtain photos.

We believe every child deserves to be valued, loved, cherished and to have a bright future.